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Celebrating 40 years

For 40 years, the Fund for Educational Excellence (Fund) has served Baltimore as our city’s only public education fund. Our goal has remained constant – an excellent education for all Baltimore City Public School students.

  • From its origin, the Fund has been committed to improving the quality of education in Baltimore.
  • Created at the request of Mayor William Donald Schaefer, the Fund was established to actively engage our public/private partners to inspire community-wide innovation to enhance the Baltimore City Public School system.
  • Today, the Fund expands resources, identifies and accelerates solutions, and recognizes excellence so that all children in Baltimore City Public Schools experience an effective and equitable education.
  • While our goal has remained the same, we have evolved our programming and focus areas to meet the changing needs of Baltimore’s students, educators, and families across the decades.
  • Community perspective is essential to the Fund’s work and can be found woven throughout all of our activities. The Fund believes that community voices are integral to educational achievement. From surveying and listening to students, families, principals, and teachers, the Fund is constantly looking for ways to better meet the needs of the Baltimore City Public School community in our work.

Over the past 40 years, the Fund for Educational Excellence has been a stabilizing force in Baltimore City, seeking systemic change for the benefit of every child in our public school system.

Read below to learn more about our core programming across eras. Some have remained constant, while others have evolved and grown to meet the changing needs of our community.

Today’s Fund has built and improved upon our strongest work from across the decades, while adapting and expanding to benefit Baltimore City Public School students across our city.

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