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Positive Response for Our Latest Report, NOT IN SERVICE

When considering the policies, services and programs that impact thousands of students, understanding their personal experiences is crucial to making change and progress. 

Our most recent report, released earlier this month, is based on interviews with 274 Baltimore City Public School students. NOT IN SERVICE: Why Public Transit Must Aim To Serve Students shows the impact of an inadequate public transit system that does not provide the service students need to arrive to school on time, pursue internships, jobs and extracurricular activities, or feel safe as they travel. Their stories illustrate consistently late or unpredictable bus arrivals, long commutes (some up to two hours), and exposure to adult fights and sexual harassment along their routes.

Read the full report here  

These stories have resonated with media, educational and youth organizations, civic leaders and city residents. They have brought attention to this longtime barrier to educational and personal success, which has already resulted in an enthusiastic call for transportation improvements. 

Take a look at some of the recent media coverage of NOT IN SERVICE

As we move forward, we will be making presentations to legislators, transportation coalitions, advocacy groups and educational partners. Interested in learning more through a briefing? Email us at For more on NOT IN SERVICE, visit

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