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September Newsletter

A New Direction for the Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading Work

We are thrilled to announce that our work as the Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading (GLR) is moving forward in a new direction. Launched in 2013 with the goal of increasing the number of low-income students reading on grade level in City Schools by 2020, GLR was designed as a collective action coalition drawing from leadership across sectors and communities to help move the needle on literacy for Baltimore City Public School students.

After much discussion and reflection, we have concluded our work as the Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading and are expanding and reimagining our work to focus on family engagement for all grade bands and academic areas. This new chapter does not mean that we have closed the door to making sure that all students in Baltimore are reading on grade level, but our commitment and direction is broadening.

The GLR team will build on all that they learned to focus even more intentionally on family engagement as an academic strategy—an area of work that we believe is high priority, high impact, and underdeveloped. The pandemic put a much-needed spotlight on the role of family engagement, with parents and families serving as partners in supporting their child’s learning. This programmatic expansion is a natural transition to our GLR efforts and presents the opportunity to broaden the scope of work to support more City Schools students and their families. We are proud of all GLR has accomplished and intend to keep the GLR coalition and partners close to this evolving work. Stay tuned as we share new developments in this work in the coming months!

Read the Full GLR Closing Statement Here

City Council Plans Public Hearing About Baltimore Students’ Experience with MTA

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, ‘City Councilwoman Odette Ramos….invited [MDOT Secretary] Slater and [Acting MTA Administrator] Arnold to a not-yet-scheduled council hearing about Baltimore students’ concerns regarding issues with MTA service, which many rely on to commute to school each day.’ We’ll share the date and participation options as soon as they’re available, and we encourage City Schools students and families to attend and share their experiences.

Share Some Love for a City Schools Principal

With the new school year underway, join us in recognizing and thanking principals for their leadership and dedication to their students and communities as they navigate current challenges and work to ensure students continue learning.

Share Some Love for City Schools Principals invites community members to send a message of encouragement, thanks, well wishes, or simply kind words to their favorite school leader. Their work is so important. Help us celebrate principals and show them the support they deserve. We’ll make sure your message gets to that principal and is shared on our social media channels in time for National Principals Month in October.

Share Some Love Here

Of Note:

Additional insights, updates and resources:

  • Baltimore City Public Schools has shared a wide variety of information to support families transition back to in-person learning. Find answers to frequently asked questions, here.
  • Maryland’s Principal of the Year, Dr. Swinton-Buck of Digital Harbor High School, was surprised by Al Roker on the Today Show with the announcement that every DHHS student will receive free Dell laptops and free Comcast internet for a year. Check out the heartwarming video, here.
  • Growing kids need more food. Get more money in your pocket to cover some of these costs with the Child Tax Credit. That’s up to $300 a month for each of your kids—to spend on clothes, food, and anything else they need. Claim your credit, here.
  • Want to help build the region’s transportation future? The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance’s Transportation 101 Workshop teaches you about current issues and helps you build a network of fellow advocates to enact change! Apply now through October 5th, here

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