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Research Analysis Internship

About the Fund

The Fund for Educational Excellence is a nonprofit working to improve Baltimore’s public schools, so all students experience an excellent and equitable education. One way we do this is by learning from students, families, and school communities about their biggest challenges. Then, we work with City Schools and other partners to address these challenges effectively.

Student Belonging Research Study 2024

Currently, we are researching students’ and families’ experiences in Baltimore City Public Schools. We want to find out if students

  • Feel like they belong
  • Feel safe at school
  • Feel motivated to learn.

We plan to survey and interview students and parents. Plus, we will interview 75-100 City Schools students, parents/guardians, and principals from May through September. Starting in summer 2024, we will analyze those interviews. We will use this data and our analysis to publish a report in mid-2025.

During the rest of 2024, we need to study the data to:

  • Analyze what factors help students and families feel like they belong and connected at their schools. We want to know how that feeling of belonging impacts 1) academic progress, 2) emotional, and mental health, 3) participation in extracurricular activities, and 4) outcomes after high school.
  • Examine how English language learners, recent immigrants, and their families come to feel like they belong at their schools.
  • Understand how schools and their partners can create a sense of connection with and between students and families.

Role and Responsibilities

Right now, we are collecting the data. As we begin analyzing that data – transcribed interviews with students, parents, and principals – we will need a team to help us analyze the data. So, we are recruiting interns to use coding and data walks to analyze the data. This internship will run from June-August 2024.

Coding involves closely reading the interview transcription. You will generate and apply codes (or very brief summaries) to key words and phrases in each interview. You will use an online platform with a computer and internet connection on your own schedule. Our partner, Rise Research, will train you on using our online platform.

Data walks involve a mix of seeing data and discussing and interpreting data. You will reflect upon and discuss data as it relates to your community. You will attend virtual meetings with Rise Research, who will conduct these walks for about 2 hours each.

As an intern, you will accomplish the following:

  • Learn how to code interview transcriptions
  • Participate in data walks
  • Communicate regularly with the Program Manager about data analysis

The interns will report to the Program Manager.


  • An interest in research and analysis
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Knowledge of Baltimore City Public Schools


Please email our Program Manager, Jade Johnson, at or text 443-214-2838 if you want to know more.

As an Intern, you will be paid a stipend of $20/hour for 40-80 hours of coding and participation in data walks. You will spend about 10 hours each week working on this project from June to August.

The Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We believe our work and programs are strengthened when they are developed and supported by individuals with diverse life experiences, and whose understanding of social and cultural issues can help make our work and our organization more inclusive. We encourage bi-lingual and multi-lingual candidates, as well as applicants of all ages, racial, economic, social, cultural, sexual orientation, ability and gender identities, national origins and veteran statuses to apply.

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